My 5 Favorite Nail Polishes

You have varnishes … And you have varnishes. The nail polishes that belong to the latter type are colors that you cannot get enough of. Colors that you keep staring at as soon as you wear them. Colors where others ask people what color you wear.

 Those are also nail polishes that fall under my favorites. Although I find multiple colors incredibly beautiful, I am now completely a fan of the five colors below. With the emphasis on now, because in two months I might as well have five other favorites.

China Glaze Glam

This is my first nail polish that I really hunted for. I came across this paint on Interest. I had to and would have this. But the name, I could not find it anywhere. Via the Beauty Frique Facebook page I asked those who knew the name of this nail polish. And yes, the suggestions came in. Again, a thousand thanks!!
Very nice: when I was wearing this coat a MAC makeup artist gave me a compliment. Ha-ha, my day could not go wrong. Source: Interest

Essie Ballet Slippers

I secretly love natural nails the most. As soon as I paint my nails with Essie Ballet Slippers, I just keep staring at my nails. It looks like I went to a nail salon. The white edges of my nails appear whiter and the rest gets a very nice soft pink touch. I love it very much! Source: Interest

My nails with Essie Ballet Slippers. And strategically placed stars to hide the sheets ;).

Hema Topcoat Glitter nr. 23

I find this varnish incredibly beautiful over a nude color or pink nail varnish. The nice thing is that the nail polish contains coarse silver glitter and fine golden glitter. This makes it easy to combine with many colors.

Hema Topcoat Glitter nr. 26

Another nice topcoat from the Hema. This glitter topcoat contains very small holographic glitter. In sun, candle and halogen light it really gives a wow effect. In normal daylight without sun (which unfortunately happens often), this varnish is slightly less spectacular. With three thicker layers, this varnish is completely opaque. Is also very beautiful!

Cat rice Ultimate Naturals – Makes me Smile

I bought this polish before Christmas and since then I just can’t stay away from it. Already covers well after one layer and stays in place.

As you can see, I love glitter nail polish right now. Of my five favorites, there are no fewer than four with glitter. Funny, half a year ago I didn’t like glitternagellak. In a while I will make another overview of my five favorite colors. I am also very curious if one from this list can be seen again!

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