3 most used methods for pubic hair removal

We all have wished to permanently remove the pubic hair at some point in our life.  Removing pubic hair through artificial means comes with their own disadvantages – there can be razor bumps, itching, and skin allergies. 

  1. Pubic hair removal using wax- Wax is most popularly used hair removal method as it can remove the hair from the private parts effectively. The advantage of using wax is that it removes the hairfromroots so hair growth is reduced and you get hair-free weeks.  

The only thing needed to perform waxing is experienced hands. If you want to remove your pubic hair with minimal discomfort, it’s advisable to let an expert do it. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that removing pubic hair is a painful process. So before going through the waxing, you need to consider your pain threshold. If you cannot handle the pain of waxing, there are other hair removal techniques for you.

  1. Depilatories – If you like natural ways of hair removal, then hair removal creams are not for you. Depilatories work by dissolving the hair at the surface on the skin. You should perform a spot test before using hair-removal cream and ensure that your skin doesn’t show any adverse reaction to the chemicals present in the cream. Another thing to note is that not all hair removal creams are suitable for the skin around the genitals. Read the label to find out if you can use the cream on the vulva and other sensitive parts. The general advice is to avoid using it near the genitals and sticking the use to the bikini line. 
  2. Shaving – Shaving is the easiest way to remove pubic hair. However, it has its own downside. Anytime when you get the knick or cut, shaving increases the chances of infection. It’s important that you take full precautions to reduce the risk of injuring your skin while shaving. Other disadvantages of shaving are the risk of razor burns and ingrown hair. It’s important to note that pubic hair removal through razor should never be done dry. Always use shaving cream, gel or liquid soap while shaving your pubic hair. 

The fact that there are various pubic hair removal techniques makes the process easy for all. The only thing to keep in mind is that the pubic area is sensitive and you need to pay attention to what ways and techniques you are using to remove your hair. If possible take an expert’s help and then learn the process gradually. Once you have learned the techniques, you will get rid of your pubic hair comfortably and hence reducing the cost of going to the salon every time you need to deal with your pubic hair.

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