The Mother’s Day Gift for Your Loving Mother

Mother’s Day is a chance to tell that special lady she is Number 1 Mom. It’s a chance to celebrate all the things that make Mom special and unique and what makes her happy. Your Mother’s Day gift should tell her just how much you appreciate everything she does.

If you are looking for a gift that not only tells her how much you love her but also provides endless delight and treasured memories, then a Mother’s Day Gift is the perfect gift to choose. Think about what makes Mom so special. What are her hobbies? What does she like to do? Starting out with what is important to her is a great way to begin preparing your Mother’s Day gift. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Active Mom

Focusing on health and Mom’s active lifestyle is the name of the game with an Active Mom gift. Put together this gift a full of items for an active, athletic mom. Include a pedometer, sunscreen, some fun, bright-colored sport socks, and even some funky sweatbands for athletic-inspired fun.

Tuck in a sporty cap in Mom’s favorite color, too. Add in a few fitness DVDs for rainy day fitness and a BP A-free water bottle to help her keep hydrated. Healthy granola bars will keep her energy up as she stays on the go. Include an i-Tunes card for music to keep her revved up and on the go.

Spa Mom

Think luxury, relaxation and pampering for the spa-themed Mother’s Day bath gift. Silky lotions, a bath poof and natural sea sponge loath, surrounded with pretty jars of scented bath salts and super-lux bath beads make for a real spa treat. Bath gels and bath sprays also highlight the spa theme, as do spa slippers and a comfy robe. Include a CD of nature-sounds, like a calm babbling brook or seaside waves, to encourage a smooth, calm vibe.

For the Mom Who Loves Gardening

You can really have a lot of fun when choosing a gift for the Mom who loves gardening. Instead of a wall, use a big flower pot. Clay pots are authentic touches but plastic pots come in all sorts of fun colors and are easy to transport. Place fun gardening gloves and a straw hat inside the flower pot for hours of gardening delight.

Packets of seeds will really get Mom started on her garden. Try flowers for bright enjoyment and veggies and fruits for edible goodness. A trowel is a really great showpiece. A nice accent is including a rich hand cream for Mom to pamper herself with after a long day in the garden.

For the Mom Who Bakes

For the Mom who bakes, use a jumbo measuring cup for your basket. Include supplies Mom needs to whip up her culinary delights, like a wooden spoon and bright, rainbow-colored spatulas. Find a fun apron in your Mom’s favorite colors. For a personalized touch, have Mom’s name or a special saying like “Best Mom Ever” included on the front of the apron. Cookie cutters and a fun cookie recipe are nice additions she’s sure to love.

Breakfast in Bed

Give Mom a special Mother’s Day surprise with a Breakfast in Bed-themed gift basket. Choose a pretty wicker tray and fill it with all the fixings for an awesome Mother’s Day Breakfast. Pancake and waffle mix are great options, as is syrup for topping. Choose a gourmet flavor for a unique touch. Include a special coffee or tea and a vase with a pretty flower for a wonderful effect.

With all these options for Mother’s Day Gift, it’s easy to show the Mom in your life how much she means to you.

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