How Do You Choose the Right Color Foundation

A question that visitors have e-mailed me a few times: how do you choose the right color foundation? Where, me? Are you asking me that? I think it’s quite an honor that people ask me this. Firstly, I am not yet good at choosing the right color. Secondly, I just don’t know much about it.
As a beauty blogger, I thought it was time to immerse myself in the colors. And as it turns out, it really helped me! In this article you will receive tips that helped me further. Of course there are many more tips, but I hope these tips will help you on your way.

Know your undertone

Your skin can be light, medium or dark. But your skin also has an undertone. This can be pink (cool), yellow (warm) or neutral.

How do you know the undertone? Look at the veins with your skin on your arm. If the veins appear green, then you most likely have a skin with a yellow warm undertone. If the veins are blue / purple, then you probably have a house with a pink undertone. This is quite a logical method. Veins are blue. Blue veins with a yellow undertone is what you see green. Blue veins with pink undertone are blue / purple what you see.

As soon as you know your undertone, the trick is to look critically at foundations. Test different colors in the store and study them. You can compare well next to each other and the story of different undertones suddenly makes perfect sense. Match the undertones of your skin with the undertones of the foundation. So a skin with a pink undertone fits a foundation with also a pink undertone.

Take foundation to the store

Have you ever had a tester with the right color?

Then go to the store before the tester runs out. That way you can compare the new purchase well. Point of attention: in the store the lighting is different than when you are used to at home. So you can think that you have a good color in your hands, but without an example you can make mistakes quickly.

 Test the foundation on your jaw line

It sounds very logical, but is sometimes forgotten: test the foundation on your jaw line. Grab a foundation that you like from a certain brand. Also pick a shade darker and lighter. Place a line on your jaw line for each color of foundation. So in total you have three stripes next to each other. The color that disappears with the skin is the right color!

Test the foundation not in your palm

I do not know how it ever helped the world to find the right shade by testing your palm. The color of my palm is really very different from the color of my face. Maybe I am one of the few? I have in any case often enough bought a wrong color foundation because of this not so great tip.

Know your MAC color

I recently discovered this tip and it is super handy! I recently went to the MAC counter (is in the Bijenkorf and in some Douglas’) and had a color analysis done. My color is NC 30. “Nice to know,” you will think. Yet it is very handy! Your MAC color is a well-known phenomenon in the beauty world.

For example, if you want to buy a foundation from a brand, but don’t know what color you should have: Google [foundation name] + [MAC color]. This way you end up on other blogs from girls / men who have exactly your skin color and who have already tested the new foundation for you. Handy, right?!

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