Valerie Grand on Instagram, fame, and women empowerment

Social media influencers have grown high in relevance nowadays. The influencer pool on different social networks continues to rise in number, as we enter a new phase of digital media and entertainment. In this regard, social media celebrities are not only important because we like to view their content and consume entertainment, but also because they have a compelling power to drive us to perform an action.

It is the basics of influencer marketing that brands adopt when devising marketing plans. They hire influencers having an active presence on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. It is understood that these social media celebs can sway the purchasing power of their followers, and sales leads can be effectively generated when influencers promote branded products or services.

The core essence of influencers is about extending a positive influence on the masses. This is why most influencers are artists, writers, filmmakers, photographers, consultants, speakers, athletes, fitness trainers, etc. Using their trade, they lend a positive impact on their followers.

Today we are in conversation with one of the major Instagram influencers, Valerie Grand. The Instagram celebrity has been active for a year and has amassed a generous number of followers. She’s prominently a vegan, trilingual, model, and fitness enthusiast. She travels the world and documents her journeys, which appeal to her followers.

Let us hear her out on some of the most pressing matters surrounding female celebrities.

What is it like being an influencer?

Grand: For me, it is all about sharing and exchanging. I am so happy to building a career around what I love. I am an explorer with a keen sense of adventure. I inspire positive energy, and I take the right measures to make sure I am surrounded by people and life conditions that keep me at it.

Being an inspiration, is all about garnering a healthy and constructive influence on followers. I do not want my followers to envy me but take my example as an inspiration to step out in the world and make their own name. 

How important is it to step out of your comfort zone?

Grand: It makes all the difference. Especially in the beginning when it was so new to us. It is all about consistency. We live in a fast-paced digital world, and anything can change in a split of a second. As an influencer, I am always trying to expand my goals, and I do not wish to settle onto anything specific. I am always trying and improving, and I take each day as an opportunity to step closer to my goal.

How do female influencers differ from male ones?

Grand: I think in this business it is different, males are not dominating. The brands and consultants which you partner with have these rules that are written out, which are assumed and followed by everyone. However, I follow a set of principles that make me who I am. I do not sign up for any endeavor which I do not feel is in the best interest of me and my followers. At the same time, I would not like to be represented in a way that feels out of touch with my core principles of life. For me, principles come above everything.

Does veganism impact your work or fan base?

Grand: It is my personal choice. I do not impose it on anyone as I try to spread awareness and inspire. I only choose it because I believe I have an individual responsibility to the animals and planet earth. We continue to see emerging reports regarding the devastating impact of climate change and heartbreaking cruelty to animals. Scientists believe that cutting down on meat can make a huge difference. So, apart from taking other measures, being vegan is also another form of action which I not only take for my wellbeing but the global community as well. Again, it is your personal choice.

Do you feel like a strong example of an empowered woman?

Grand: I believe it is about time for females to find their own ground and make a name for themselves. I highly represent my abilities, and I do feel proud as a female to do what I wish for. Similarly, I do empathize with millions of females around the world who are not heard or are sidelined by misogynistic culture. Especially with animals (and veganism), I want to protect, help and be a voice for the ones who can’t stand up for themselves. A core aspect of my work is to inspire those women who wish to make an impact by doing their own thing.

On that note, we conclude this piece and call you to stay tuned for another resourceful conversation with your favorite media personality.

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