Qualities of a Good Fashion Designer

A fashion designer is a person responsible for producing stylish clothing. The style has always been based on culture, region, individual choices and religion. However, a lot of the designers tend to use their imagination to whip out a more creative design for their products. A lot of people are usually born with a talent for designing, and then many tend to learn by going through academic processes. However, regardless of natural talent or education, fashion designers, or those aspiring to be one, have to have certain qualities that would help them stand out from the ordinary ranks of the competition or at least get them hired with a prestigious design label.

Highly Creative and Visual

One key characteristic of being a fashion designer is creativity. Being creative will not only allow you to create newer and better products, but it will also open up new horizons for the customers as well. There have been so many fashion designers who brought a new product to the customer that they didn’t know they wanted. You will know how to better play with the raw materials if you have a good sense of visualization. This allows the ideas to translate on to the paper and also the products so that the others are able to see where the designer is trying to aim. This could be for a fashion show, a store layout, or anything relating to fashion.

Good Drawing Skills

A good grip at drawing skills is a must in the fashion industry. Before the design converts into the final product, the designer will have to put down on paper what they have on their mind. Before the final design, there are drafts after drafts of the product. It will be a huge boost in your CV if you manage to, gain and, showcase good drawing skills.

Understanding Fabric, Texture, and Color

Design is all about playing with color, fabric, and texture. You will need to figure out which combination of colors is most flattering on a piece of cloth. It is these differences that make a design stand out. You will need to have proper knowledge of fabrics which will allow you to pick out the right one for the designing process. You can get your knowledge of fabrics from an expert who deals in these things. You will have to master the art of picking out colors wisely as this is what will attract the customers.

You can even follow designers like Numan Nimet Ataker. The Turkish designer and the founder of the global fashion brand John Paul Ataker, who began working at a garment shop as early as at the age of 7- as a child apprentice. His natural talent was soon recognized by neighboring workshops one of which hired him for higher wages. Eventually, he started working at his father’s newly founded garment workshop, which he took care of single-handedly at the age of 18. After recognizing the growing demand for accessories, Numan Nimet got into the global garment accessories business at age 20. 

Later he founded his global fashion brand, John Paul Ataker in New York, NY, United States. 

Numan Ataker has extensive knowledge and deep experience in many aspects of fashion and fabric design as well. He has been featured in Vogue, InStyle, Wm Yahoo! Style Magazine, and People Magazine. His work has been worn by celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Taraji P. Henson, Kelly Osbourne, and Olivia Culpo.

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