The Shirt Tie and T Shirt Best Clothes for Men

A tie is an understatement of authority and confidence. But what might seem appropriate in an office is not good for a night out with friends. It might look a little bit too official so you need to try including a more casual type of clothing. Therefore, you might just want to consider using a skinny tie in order to balance your look.

If you are a tall person you will notice that skinny ties will make you look slimmer and it will give you an even taller look. However, if you are a short type of person, the skinny tie can make you look fatter than you are. Having this into consideration, it is normal for people to see this type of ties as the newest trend on the market.

The men who want to make a daring statement are invited to try it out. But, they will have to abide the standards of fashion. The tie’s color should always contract the pattern and color of the below shirt. For example, it is best to wear a patterned tie on top of a solid color shirt. Some guys prefer wearing a solid colored skinny tie together with a checkered shirt. As a simple rule, your tie needs to have at least one color matching the shirt.

Matching most pieces of men clothing, the polo shirts are really versatile and easy to use. You will not have to plan a lot your outfit because the shirt will go with whatever trousers you have in your closet. You may select some jeans or slacks and you are ready to go.

The good part is that the polo shirt is found in so many patterns and colors that it is virtually impossible not to find something that you like. For the ones that love adventure, they may try a tropical print for a day out at the beach. The material is flexible and stretched along the curves of the body.

The collar will give a much formal look so that you may choose them when you have to dress casual. It will enhance your neat look, but it will give you the possibility to enjoy the freedom of movement.

The design of the polo shirt makes it easier for the body to breath. The skin will be happy if you choose the shirts which are made out of cotton or wool. In this way, the body will be protected from moisture or inappropriate humidity in the air. You will not sweat as much and this means a great degree of comfort on your side.

The polo shirts are hot to wear and they will give you the look of an athlete who is full of power and stamina. Therefore, you will look sexy no matter what and your partners will love to have you by their side.

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