SkyWaltz Yachting: India’s First-Ever Luxury Cruising Experience

For some people, sailing on an ultra-luxury yacht is an undefinable experience. When it comes to celebrating a wedding or a birthday, they intend to rent a yacht for 200 friends and family and to travel wherever they want, among other quirks. The shipping companies do not dispute it: they see a business niche and offer their boats to the highest bidder.

Strictly speaking, it is not very different from thematic yachts, whether they are dedicated to wines or music offered by various travel companies; Although the difference is that in this case, the company recovers the cost of renting the boat with the sale of tickets.

Yachts are sometimes rented for corporate events, such as product launches or for foundations that undertake ambitious fundraising campaigns.

It is a pleasure trip made on a passenger ship, which goes anywhere in the world. This is a unique and different way of traveling, where you have the opportunity to discover countries that are unexplorable through other means of transportation.

Yachts are today a type of tourism market that is gaining a lot of strength worldwide; The companies dedicated to the field continually strive to offer exquisite, state-of-the-art products to attract future yacht passengers.

It is surprising to see the enormity of the ship from afar and even more spectacular, to travel on it and enjoy its interior, a floating mini-city, a small world where you can find everything you need during your holidays.

The rapid growth and specialization process experienced by the yacht industry in recent decades has also affected the overall design and aesthetics, materials, size, and generality of functionalities, equipment, and on-board services of modern yacht ships and pleasure craft. This is to satisfy an increasingly numerous and quality-sensitive clientele, demanding the most diversified services with security of satisfaction and excellence. On the other hand, a company must provide solutions to the growing concern about the environmental impact of the yacht ship industry in communities and marine and coastal ecosystems.

SkyWaltz Yachting: redefining a marine adventure

The luxury yacht services in India embrace a new market player who is transforming business practices and allowing customers to avail of a grand experience. SkyWaltz, which already operates a hot air balloon service in India, attracted a large number of local and international tourists.

The company’s top-notch hot air balloon service has settled well within the spectrum of one of the most enjoyable entertainment activities. It is also one of the must-haves activities for tourists in India. The company falls under the umbrella of E-Factor Adventure Tourism ltd, where Director Samit Garg is on course to revolutionize India’s tourism industry.

SkyWaltz presents two luxury yachts: SEANORITA and GYPSEA, with a capacity of 16 and 22 persons, respectively. They are aimed to attract marine enthusiasts and customers who are keen about celebrating and spending special occasions of their life in the middle of the sea. The breezy winds, the sunset, the cinematic exposure, and quietness of the sea makes it a state-of-the-art experience. 

SkyWaltz aims to preserve the special experience at sea with their luxury yachts, which are designed according to the modern-day luxury boat models and are equipped with top-tier services. The yachts can offer a full-fledged mini-vacation experience to customers looking for a long break off the grind or a weekend getaway.

The journeys along the sea, traveling by different islands, and exploring the picturesque marine beauty make it a spectacular experience. You are in for hundreds of Instagram-worthy pictures once you are onboard. The packages are divided according to different categories and event classes. 

Customers can choose from the following packages:

  • Sunrise Cruise: It offers a 75-minute journey, in one of the two luxury yachts and mild refreshments served.
  • Day Excursion: This package covers a 4-hour journey with a 2 hours long anchorage in one of the two yachts. One meal is served during the trip.
  • Sunset Cruise: A 90-minute journey with either of the yachts and full-board refreshments.
  • Dinner Cruise: A 3-hour long journey with 90 minutes of anchorage in one of the two yachts and a full-board dinner.

Customers can also reach out to the company if they are interested in customized packages depending on their requirements.

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