The Men Shoes to Wear With Jeans

Many men wear jeans quite often as they are a popular choice. When selecting footwear to accompany their jeans, many men opt for simple trainers. While this look works quite well with jeans, there are many other shoe options that could also look great worn with jeans. By changing up the accompanying footwear, men can achieve a variety of looks with their jeans.

When wearing trainers with jeans, generally classic white trainers look best.

However, some men are a bit more daring and opt for trendy retro, skate or other trainers. Don’t be afraid to try different colors of sneakers besides white. Boots are another great look to go with jeans. Some men actually prefer boots.

Avoid boot styles that look too much like cowboy boots, hiking boots or work boots. Rather look for some of the dressier boot styles to wear with your jeans. Think about styles of ankle boots or other trendy looks. You can find boots like these at online store Very.

Another shoe category that many men pair with jeans is slip-on shoe styles; shoes without laces. These shoes can include loafers and moccasins. When trying to decide which type of slip-on shoe to wear with your jeans, think about what shirt you’ll be wearing.

These can often make your choice much easier. Sport shoes or loafers look great with polo shirts. If your shirt is button down, dressier slip on shoes look the best with jeans. Hiking shoes look great with classic five button jeans styles.

Men’s oxford shoes are another popular sort of men’s shoes that can be worn with various jean styles. Again, like with slip-one, look at your shirt style to select a specific pair of oxford shoes. Some oxford shoes are trendier which look great when going out on the town.

However, if you will be wearing your jeans to a more conservative occasion, then opt for classic styled oxfords. Men’s sandals and flip-flops are generally not recommended to wear with jeans. Save these shoes instead for wearing denim jean shorts.

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