Comfy Outfits To Pack For Your Next Vacation

Nothing screams “fun” more than a couple of fancy printed shirts when it comes to clothing. Many places are decked with beautiful views and climates for you to take a much-deserved vacation with summer just starting. For a holiday so pleasing to your senses, you have to do your part and make sure your fashion game is at the top of the charts.

Packing for your next vacation is going to be very easy if you throw in some printed shirts. They are extremely easy to style, very comfortable and breathable, super versatile, so you can wear them with just about anything and are just voguish enough to impress anyone who sets their eyes upon you. Here are a few comfortable outfit ideas you can refer to when packing for your next vacation:

  • Radiate stylish and attractive vibes by pairing printed shirts with a pair of ripped jeans. In contrast with funky prints on the shirt, the wash of the jeans is a certified eye-catcher. Wear this outfit with a pair of boots when you’re just hoping out sightseeing. Throw in a hat and sunglasses to avoid the heat.
  • You can also wear printed shirts as a layer on top of a solid tank top or t-shirt to balance the look. Aim for an effortlessly casual but flattering outfit by wearing a pair of sneakers. You can also switch it up by layering printed shirts with colour coordinated pair of solid jacket and pants.
  • Printed shirts with shorts are the perfect beach outfit. Carry a pair of sunglasses with a casual sling to complete the look and ensure you get to enjoy the waves with nothing stopping you. You can also layer printed shirts on your bikini or beach shorts to make it easier.
  • Tuck in fancy printed shirts in a pair of tapered fit jeans and high top sneakers/boots. Put your hair in a bun, and this outfit exudes pure class that you can walk in any door with. Carry your essentials in a cross-body sling bag or a fanny pack, as both are incredibly trendy.
  • Oversized printed shirts also make for really fancy dresses. Just cinch them on your waist with a solid belt and put on a pair of gladiator sandals. Grab your sling, and you’re ready for a day of fun up ahead.

Vacation or not, any wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of fancy printed shirts. You can either go for loud and jazzy prints, and you can also opt for toned down prints like stripes, polka dots, etc. if you aren’t a fan of heavy prints.

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