Tote Bags – Everything You Need to Know About Them

As we all are familiar with Tote Bags, they are simply just a larger version of bags, which can carry many kinds of stuff together. Every other person is in love with this bag due to its simplicity plus style, and the most important thing is its usage. It can be used for carrying books, laptops, clothes, groceries, makeup kits, etc.

Today these Tote Bags come in different designs and styles. They are all made in various colors, which looks attractive. You also get these customized bags as per the user’s choice. One of a company named Custom Earth Promos in the US (Florida) makes these kinds of customized bags. They are into the manufacturing of these bags and Top-quality face masks from natural, recycled water bottles and other recycled materials. You can even order custom bags in bulk from them.

How did this word Tote arrive?

Well, it all started in the 17th century when this bag was just a kind of a pouch that people carried it around their waist. The name derived from the word tote which means “to carry”. In those days people used to carry all the stuffs they needed in these bags which were made from anything like leather, cloth or a vegetal material.

Later on, in 1940’s our famous brand name L. L. Bean made these bags to carry ice and wood. They were so versatile, sturdy and practical kind of bags that no one thought that these bags would ever be used as a fashionable one, years down the line.

Some 20 years later a famous designer Bonnie Cashin came up with her beautiful and colorful Cashin Carry Tote bags. This was accepted by Americans in huge numbers. These bags are still sold today and are in huge demand.

In the 1980’s, a New York Bookstore came up with its own version of Tote bags. These were made in natural cotton duck canvas and interior linings. This was the first time these tote bags were used as an advertisement for the bookstore.

Hence, anyone who bought a book from their bookstore was carrying these bags. This product became so famous that this inspired other manufacturers to raise their standard and come up with other unique and high standard bags.

This is how we came up with these modern aged Tote bags and purses. The famous French good maker designed a high-end luxury and designer bags and named it after the famous actress Jane Birkin. In Late 1980s these bags became a symbol of wealth and exclusivity due to its high price and high demand.

So today when we are in our 2020’s, these demand for Tote bags are still increasing. It has become a style icon where we find them in various designs, colors, and styles. They are featured with various materials, zippers, Velcro, leather trims, and so on.

For women, Tote bags are being used as purses or like shopping bags. It has become like a multi-functional product. As the government for most of the countries wants to stop the usage of plastic bags, these cloth-made tote bags are becoming like the right alternative option for them.

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