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The Festive Fashion for All Women’s

Festive fashion is characterized by the fact that it is not worn every day, but only on special occasions. Special occasions include balls or weddings.
A great tradition in women’s fashion has the ball or evening dress. Despite numerous trends in evening wear, the classic, the simple black evening gown, remains the undisputed number one.

While ball grown used to be lavish, expensive, and mostly monochrome, young ladies can now graduate from high school Enjoy in chic, cheap and quite multicolored ball grown.

According to the age of the wearer, the processing of the fabrics and the cut are quite different from the mother’s ball dresses. The case-dress sets the accents here. The cut is knee-length, tight-fitting, and tight at the hips and waist. All colors are allowed. It is the direct contrast to the classic, wide and floor-length versions.

The case dress is combined with a scarf or a stole. With fashionable, the age of the wearer corresponding accessories such a model looks festive.

For the mothers of the ball visitors little different rules apply. Of course, the rules are no longer so strict, but in the color scheme more subtle tones are preferred.
The cuts are more classic, the back is not as deep cut as possibly with the daughter.

A trend in the ballroom wardrobe is clearly the generation-spanning Empire dress.
Supposed to be invented by Napoleon’s first wife, Josephine, it is on the move again today. The special feature is the high-set waist, which is held on the back by a ribbon, flattering for the figure. So that the dress flows easily, soft and airy fabrics are chosen, the colors can also be bright.

For the length of the dress, there is no rule, knee or floor-length is possible, but as an evening dress, it is basically sleeveless. If it goes to the disco after the ball then the dress can also be combined well with sunglasses. Cool sunglasses do not have to be expensive.

Many trendy brands are luring the internet with absolute bargains. Ray-Ban sunglasses are generally much cheaper on the web. Ray Ban is a real brand label and in great demand. Ray Ban sunglasses are timeless.

Basically, however, the wearer, and not the outfit should be in the foreground.

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