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In the fall I like to wear a favorite black sweater dress. It’s nice and soft since it’s part cashmere. It’s a smooth weave with a cowl neck and comes to just below my knees. It looks fantastic, hugs my figure just enough without being overly tight or suggestive and then flares out at the hemline. When I wear it on a cool day I feel like the crispness of fall can only lead to excellent things. I also feel like I’m wrapped in a cloud and well cared for.

I always wear it with a medium weight brightly colored scarf. One of my favorites is in various shades of pink and drapes really well along the front of the dress. I feel confident and sexy in a nice way in this dress, so it’s no wonder that I get lots of compliments and looks. It’s the perfect combination of basic black, a shot of color, softness, and warmth. I might wear black knee length boots with it, or black tights and gladiator sandals.

Every fall I use my laptop lap desk to buy two new pairs of jeans from Blue notes. I buy them there firstly, not only are they inexpensive, but when you buy the first pair you get the second pair half off. Secondly, they have a variety of styles to choose from. From the skinny jean, to boot cut and even flare.

Thirdly, the material the jeans are made of is 98% cotton, and 2% spandex. Just the right amount of spandex to add move ability. I, myself prefer the straight leg, dark wash jean with a high rise. They make my legs look thinner and a dark wash is more modern and sophisticated.

My most unique article of clothing for fall is my autumn shorts, as I call them. They are wool shorts from Beachcomber & Fitch in the colors of maroon as the base, with gold and navy plaid design. I call these my autumn shorts because they are made of wool, and am suitable for cooler temperatures while going into the transformation of summer and winter. Shorts are my favorite article of clothing, so it allows me to wear them a couple more months out of the year.

The colors are also very autumn like, reminds me of the leaves and how they change. My friends and family both love them; my friends all rave about how they are going to get similar pairs for fall. People I meet on my daily life also love these autumn shorts.

 I even dance around in them listening to music on my wireless laptop speakers when I’m in the house.  Just today I was at the store and the lady at the register complimented how adorable and comfortable they looked. I highly suggest getting shorts like these for you, for they are a fall must have!

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