The Diamonds Necklaces and Pendants

Since ancient times, both men and women have worn diamond necklaces and pendants as an integral part of their attire. A pendant is a jewel or a jeweled motif that hangs from a necklace or chain. While today, necklaces and pendants function as fashion accessories, in the past they served as symbols of distinction.

Necklaces and pendants can display a variety of precious metals and gemstones. Lockets, a special type of diamond pendant, can hold pictures of loved ones. Some pendants, like the Christian cross, make a statement about the religious affiliation of the wearer.

Other popular pendants include birthstones and medallions, symbolizing an affiliation to various organizations. The latest trend is to wear diamond gemstones as pendants for the benefit of their metaphysical properties, believed to aid good health and prosperity. Since pendants generally come separate from a chain or necklace, either looped or pin-backed, they can double up as a brooch or a necklace.

Diamonds – classic, beautiful and always intriguing. These elegant gemstones, aside from being the most classic expression of love shared between two people, have an almost unmatched versatility, the ability to make any outfit or occasion more special.

The word “diamond” comes from the Greek Adams, meaning “impossible to tame.” A crystalline form of carbon, diamonds are famous for their impregnability – they are so hard that only another diamond can cut their surface. Their ability to refract great amounts of light, or “luster,” makes them a highly praised and desirable gemstone on the wish lists of many a general consumer and industry worker alike.

Used by many cultures for over 4,000 years, diamonds can serve as a lasting reminder of the one you love. A diamond’s physical invincibility will always remind your loved one of your commitment to one another; a love, that likes the gem itself, is indeed “impossible to tame.”

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